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Designed in London, the Barbican’s straight lines and refined character are reminiscent of an Art Deco masterpiece. This striking chaise is produced using the very finest materials and hand craftsmanship. The Barbican collection is a fundamental part of the Elizabeth Jade range.

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  • Classic Chaise: H 65cm – W 155cm – D 65cm
  • Deluxe Chaise: H 65cm – W 170cm – D 65cm

Seat heights for all configurations is 40cm.

Fabric Quantity:

Classic Chaise:

  • Plain 6m
  • Velvet 7.2m
  • Leather 9.8sqm

Deluxe Chaise:

  • Plain 6.5m
  • Velvet 7.7m
  • Leather 11.1sqm

Quotes available on request.